East Midlands Housing Group and its subsidiary companies are public bodies subject to the Public Contracts Regulations 2015. Our contracts for goods, services, and works are awarded following a procurement process which is based on the value of the contract:

  • Between £0 to £5,000: No procurement process is required.
  • Between £5,001 to £25,000: The budget holder will usually seek three quotations.
  • Between £25,001 to either £189,330 (supplies/services) or £4,733,252 (works): The budget holder may request an advertised tender process (as described below) or run a different tender process as described within our own regulations.
  • Over £189,330 (supplies/services) or £4,733,252 (works): An advertised tender process will be undertaken as described below and in accordance with the Public Contracts Regulations 2015 and the EU Procurement Regulations. Notices will be published on the Official Journal of the European Union (OJEU)and on Contracts Finder.

Advertised tender processes

Our advertised competitive tender processes are via ProContract, a portal provided by ProActis. Notices published on the OJEU and Contracts Finder will refer suppliers to ProContract.

Registration is free and your company profile will be immediately available for opportunities managed by over 30,000 buyers from over 400 private, public sector, and 3rd sector organisations. This portal is used for all competitive tender processes, and all our current opportunities can be found here. If you are not already registered with ProContract you can do so here.

For any queries during a tender process then please use the messaging facility within ProContract. If for any reason you cannot do this then please use the following:

ProContract technical support: To raise a support query on-line then please click here and follow the supplier’s instructions, or to raise a query by e-mail use the address ProContractSuppliers@proactis.com.

Emergencies: If all else fails then please call the EMH Group Procurement Team by telephone on 01530 276000.

Opportunities outside of tender processes

Buyers within EMH Group may also make use of pre-existing public contracts and frameworks that have already been competitively tendered. In this case the opportunities will not be available to suppliers other than those on the specific framework being used.

If you wish to market goods or services that your company provides but there is no advertised tender process, then please do not contact the EMH Group Procurement Team. You need to consider who in the business would ultimately want to buy what you offer, and target your marketing accordingly. Procurement is not a technical or budget holding department; the services it provides are to internal budget holders, and it is not in the interest of the Procurement Team to steer marketing enquiries to budget holders.