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East Midlands Housing Group and its subsidiary companies are public bodies subject to the Public Contract Regulations 2015. Our contracts for supplies, services, and works are awarded following a procurement process which is based on the value of the contract:


Procurement process

£0 to £5,000

No procurement process.

£5,001 to £25,000

The budget holder will seek three quotations.

£25,001 to £181,302 (supplies/services) or £4,551,413 (works)

A competitive tender process will be undertaken using ProContract.

They will also be advertised on Contracts Finder.

Over £181,302 (supplies/services) or £4,551,413 works

A competitive tender process (usually the Open or Restricted procedures described in the Public Contract Regulations 2015) will be undertaken using ProContract.

They will also be advertised on Contracts Finder and the Official Journal of the European Union.


ProContract is a portal provided by ProActis. Registration is free and your company profile will be immediately available for opportunities managed by over 30,000 buyers from over 400 private, public sector, and 3rd sector organisations. This portal is used for the management of all competitive tender processes, and all our current opportunities can be found here. If you are not already registered with ProContract you can do so here.

Tips for selling to East Midlands Housing Group

  • When tendering for contracts, please ensure that you read all tender instructions carefully and submit your fully completed response by the deadline.
  • If there are no current opportunities but you wish to showcase what you can offer, please think about who would want to buy what you offer? ICT? HR? Property Management? Facilities? Health and Safety?

Third party contracts and frameworks

As part of the wider public sector, East Midlands Housing Group makes use of many third party contracts and frameworks that have been competitively tendered by central purchasing bodies such as:

Cirrus Purchasing

Crown Commercial Services

Efficiency East Midlands



NHC/Consortium Procurement

Procurement for Housing

Procurement Hub

The Procurement Partnership

Suppliers interested in providing their services across the social housing and wider public sector may wish to consider tendering for contracts and frameworks led by these organisations.

Terms and conditions of contract

The terms and conditions applicable for purchase orders sent by East Midlands Housing Group or one of its subsidiaries can be downloaded here:



If the purchase order is a call off relating to a contract already in place between the supplier and customer named on the purchase order, then the terms of that contract will take precedent.