• Volunteering to support our carers

Volunteering to support our carers

"I was struck by the absolute kindness, selflessness, positivity and sheer grit of the care and support team."

Libby Duff

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Libby Duff, a maintenance operative at emh homes, recently volunteered to support her colleagues at emh care & support on the care frontline. 

“Before lockdown, I heard that some people would have to self-isolate for 12 weeks. I realised the impact that this could have on vulnerable people, so I contacted two councils in my region to ask what the set-up was to help them and was shocked to hear that there was nothing! I was perturbed that they were on their own and hoped we were not a care-less society.

“My hope was answered when I received a brilliant email sent out by the lovely Michelle Drain, the Inclusion & Engagement Coordinator at emh care & support, to recruit an army of volunteer befrienders.

“On my first day I was struck by the absolute kindness, selflessness, positivity and sheer grit of the Covid-19 care and support team!!! Instead of spending time with family, the team was working hard up until nine at night. Not one person moaned about anything, it was just “how can I get past this obstacle”. I must also add that I really enjoyed the sense of humour within the team.

“Speaking to the carers has left me feeling very inspired and humbled. I even became teary driving home after finishing my first day of PPE deliveries. They all came across as selfless and so passionate about what they are doing. They are away from their families and putting their own lives at risk to be a surrogate parent to those with special needs, or caring for the elderly in nursing homes like they were their own family.

“It has been an absolute privilege to have volunteered. I hope management recognises the absolute value in this beautiful workforce.

“The emh care & support team has restored my faith in people and filled my soul with love and warmth.”