• Shared ownership: an option you never knew existed

Shared ownership: an option you never knew existed

We are pleased to be backing the National Housing Federation’s informative campaign that dispels the myths around Shared Ownership and explains what it really means to customers.

Shared Ownership is another way of buying a home of your own, by buying a percentage and paying rent on the rest. The housing association owns part of it, but as you are living there you can decorate it how you like and decide when to sell it.

Buying a percentage means a smaller deposit and a smaller mortgage. It allows people to get onto the ladder a lot quicker, and in most cases you can also carry on buying shares until you own your home outright.

The campaign also highlights the different scenarios where Shared Ownership is an option, and aims to raise awareness of how the scheme operates.

A new dedicated website is packed full of facts and advice, and answers all the questions you will want to ask about what Shared Ownership actually means.

Chris Jones, our Executive Director of Development, says: “We are proud to be supporting this excellent campaign. It has a clear and consistent message, and it will have a positive impact on people struggling to get on the property ladder.

“We are building more Shared Ownership homes than ever, and this campaign will help unlock the homes to those who need them most.”

You can find out which properties we Shared Ownership properties we currently have for sale from Hello Homes, our sales and marketing team.