• Rural Housing Policy Review launched

Rural Housing Policy Review launched

Midlands Rural Housing has joined the housing industry in calling for changes to allow more affordable rural homes to be built.

Company Secretary Craig Felts attended the London launch of the Rural Housing Policy Review. The report outlines the challenges faced by people who live in rural areas, where the average house price is typically 26% above that in towns, and earnings are consistently lower. It also describes the difficulties that social housing providers have in planning new developments, despite support from communities where housing is needed.

The review calls for a series of changes to planning laws and incentives to landowners to develop affordable rural housing, and to exclude rural homes from the spare room subsidy withdrawal (known as bedroom tax).

Among the attendees was Hilary Benn MP, Shadow Minister for Communities and Local Government, who supported some of the recommendations.

Click here to download a copy of the report, which features much of our work, from the Hastoe Group website.