• Keeping a lid on it

Keeping a lid on it

“We are always happy to help out where we can in the local community, especially in areas like Sapcote where we have a lot of properties.”

Andy Read, emh homes

emh homes staff and library volunteers-800

A community library in Leicestershire has been given a new lease of life thanks to emh homes.

The emh homes Property Services team were working in the area when one of the volunteers at Sapcote Community Library approached team leader Andy Read. After hearing that the library roof was in need of repair and that emh homes residents used the library, which also acts a community hub, Andy spoke to his bosses and asked if they could help out.

Andy was soon given the go-ahead and after contacting JJ Scaffolding in Leicester, who offered to supply the scaffolding free of charge as a goodwill gesture, the job was scheduled.

Over a couple of days Andy and his team replaced the crumbling cement where the gable ends meet the roof and repointed both elevations, securing it against wet weather.

Teresa Lee, volunteer co-ordinator at the library, said: “We are delighted that emh homes were able to help us out. Many of their residents use the library, not just for borrowing books but also attending coffee mornings and lunchtime talks, so it was nice that they could support us and keep events like that going.”