• Fire safety in our homes

Fire safety in our homes

Given the recent tragic fire in West London, we want to reassure all our residents, stakeholders, and members of the public across our region that we take fire prevention extremely seriously.

Across all our stock, the preventative measures we have taken include:

  • Gas safety checks on all properties undertaken annually
  • Fire risk assessment (annual)
  • Fire alarm/equipment (6-monthly)
  • Emergency lighting servicing (6-monthly)
  • Electric safety tests on communal areas through a five year programme
  • Promote the installation and testing of smoke detectors through resident communications
  • Fit smoke detectors in communal areas
  • Sprinkler systems in designated properties/sheltered schemes and for vulnerable residents (9 systems)
  • Fire safety qualified staff
  • Fires safety partnership - Primary Authority Agreement - with Derbyshire Fire and Rescue
  • Communication to residents promoting fire safety through residents magazine and annual report to tenants

Facts and figures

  • 19,000 homes
  • 0 fatalities from fire incidents
  • 10 fire incidents over the last 5 years (causes include 2 cases of attempted arson, others were accidental fires)
  • 315 multi-storey buildings (low rise - no tower blocks)

Multi-storey/Multi-occupancy Blocks

We have a total of 315 multi-occupancy schemes. We conduct fire risk assessments at all these schemes on a block by block basis. Buildings are categorised into risk profiles depending on their occupancy level and tenancy type with sheltered and supported living properties deemed higher risk and the general needs/offices as a lower risk.

We have a range of fire alarm systems in all our properties which are installed to British Standard 5839 and are subject to a 6-monthly servicing and maintenance programme. We have emergency lighting installed in our premises where it is deemed necessary, which is installed to BS5266-1.

Investing in safety

To date we have spent an approximate total of £476,000 on remedial works identified as part of the fire risk assessment programme.  It is estimated that we will spend a further £675,000 completing the remaining actions.

In addition, we had an annual expenditure of £227,000 on remedial works following our fire alarm and emergency lighting servicing programme.

We also spent £111,000 on the annual servicing programme for fire alarms and emergency lighting in 2016/17 with a further £227,000 on remedial works for the servicing programme across all emh homes properties.

A total of £200,000 was spent on capital replacements in 2016/17 for fire alarm/equipment and emergency lighting across all schemes.

You can find more information on keeping your home fire safe on the Government website.