• Are you ready for the Big SleepIn?

Are you ready for the Big SleepIn?

Many people in our communities are struggling at the moment, but so too are many of the charities that support them.

One of the organisations that we actively support is the Northampton Hope Centre, which helps tackle homelessness and also runs a food bank in the town.

On Friday 1st May we will be taking part in their first ever Big SleepIn to help raise funds so they can continue to deliver their critical services. With so many people affected by the coronavirus crisis, they are finding that their help and support is now more in demand than ever.

All they are asking is that you sleep somewhere less comfortable than your own bed and get sponsored for doing so. This could be in your shed, on the kitchen floor, or even under the bed. Just use your imagination!

Why not get your friends and family to join you?

You can set up a sponsorship page or donate by visiting their Just Giving page.

Thank you!