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  • emh group hosts East Midlands Chamber event

emh group hosts East Midlands Chamber event

Chan Kataria welcomed East Midlands Chamber and business and political leaders from across Leicestershire to emh group’s head office on 11 April. The event was part of a series of regional consultations on industrial strategy in response to the Government Green Paper and what role Leicestershire expects to play in improving living standards and economic growth in the region.

Chaired by Chris Hobson, Director of Policy and External Affairs at East Midlands Chamber, the points of discussion included building on the second fastest-growing economy in the UK, the development and retention of skills in rural areas with poor transport links, and the mismatch between higher academic qualifications and suitability for vocational roles.

Andrew Bridgen, MP for North West Leicestershire, highlighted the productivity gap between the region and parts of Europe and the potential link to competencies and continuity of investment in training and technology.

For Chan Kataria, the consultation was an opportunity to stress the importance of including housing in the definition of infrastructure. He added that barriers to growth included not just the lack of housing and a digital infrastructure, but that we must continue to invest in the labour pool in order to attract and retain the relevant skills to ensure economic growth.