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What we stand for

Our vision is to be widely recognised as the best social housing and care business in the country, leading the market as service provider and employer.

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emh group is an independent, profit-for-purpose organisation that provides high quality, affordable homes and support services.

We are committed to helping to meet the increasing demand for affordable homes in the region by building 300 new homes every year.

We also want to provide excellent services to support our tenants and to invest in the communities in which we work through social enterprise and community projects.

The group seeks to have an influence on national and local housing, planning, economic and social policy. As such, we play a significant role in a range of other organisations including the National Housing Federation, the Chartered Institute of Housing, PlaceShapers, and Health and Supporting People commissioning bodies. We also host the Rural Enabler for Leicestershire.

Our values

We are committed to the principles of openness and transparency, and all our decisions and actions are underpinned by our values:

Integrity: We are an independent, profit-for-purpose organisation working to the highest ethical standards.

Diversity: We will promote equality and the fair treatment for all, and treat people with decency and respect.

Openness: We will be open about our work and share appropriate information with all our stakeholders.

Accountability: We will be accountable to the communities we work with and empower customers to meaningfully influence our priorities.

Clarity: We will be consistently clear about our vision, values and strategy.

Excellence: We will aspire to be the best among our peers, particularly in the quality of customer services and standards of performance.